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Eleven Ways to Have a Greener Wedding

#1. Ethical and Eco-friendly Rings:

Begin your journey to a greener wedding by choosing ethical and environmentally friendly engagement and wedding rings. Opt for vintage rings with sentimental value or ask your jeweler to use recycled gold and diamonds mined responsibly, without exploiting workers or the environment.

#2. Charitable Donations:

Instead of traditional wedding gifts that may contribute to clutter, request your guests to donate to a favorite environmental charity. Alternatively, ask for contributions toward your honeymoon experiences, allowing you to create beautiful memories without accumulating unnecessary belongings.

#3. Eco-friendly Venue:

Select an eco-friendly wedding venue that aligns with your values. Inquire about their policies and practices regarding sustainable building materials, energy sources, waste management, and recycling.

#4. Local Venue and Carpooling:

Choose a local venue to reduce travel requirements for you and your guests. Ideally, host both the wedding ceremony and reception at the same place to minimize additional journeys. If the venue is a bit remote, encourage guests to carpool or arrange a shuttle service to transport them as a group.

#5. Digital Invitations and Paper Reduction:

Save trees and opt for digital invitations. If you prefer printed invitations, use recycled paper. Share maps and wedding details online instead of using paper. Minimize unnecessary printing, even for your to-do list, by utilizing digital tools.

#6. Locally Grown Organic Flowers:

Select locally grown organic flowers for your bouquet. Instead of floral arrangements, consider using potted plants as room décor and table centerpieces. Encourage guests to take them home as favors. Another delightful option is distributing small paper packets of seeds, symbolizing new beginnings.

#7. Something Old or Borrowed:

Embrace sustainability in your wedding attire. Look for second-hand or vintage wedding dresses or consider remodeling your mother’s wedding dress. Wedding dress rental is also an eco-friendly trend gaining popularity.

#8. Sustainable Catering:

When choosing a caterer, inquire about their sustainability policy. Ensure they minimize food waste and compost leftovers. Discuss their philosophy on sourcing local, free-range ingredients and sustainable seafood options. Consider a creative caterer who can create a bespoke menu aligned with your preferences, including seasonal and plant-based options.

#9. Avoid Single-Use Items:

Opt for reusable options whenever possible. Choose rental services for dinnerware, glassware, and décor. If single-use items are necessary, select biodegradable alternatives made of cardboard, bamboo, or wood instead of plastic. Use water dispensers instead of plastic bottles and consider serving beer from kegs to minimize waste.

#10. Eco-friendly Confetti:

Replace traditional paper or plastic confetti with biodegradable options. Use bio glitter or make your own confetti by punching circles out of leaves with a hole punch. Flower petals offer another romantic and natural alternative.

#11. Local or Low-impact Honeymoon:

Plan a local or low-impact honeymoon to minimize travel-related emissions. Alternatively, consider volunteering for an environmental project or charity, spreading positivity and earning good karma for years of happiness to come. Your wedding day can be a celebration of love and sustainability. By implementing these eleven ways to have a greener wedding, you can create precious memories while minimizing your impact on the environment. Let your special day be a reflection of your commitment to a more sustainable future.

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